Sno-Birds Trails

Last Sunday and Monday we were out clearing a lot of trees. Scott R was out on Sunday. I was out on Sunday opening gates and clearing trees with my truck and walking. On Monday John H and myself were out all day clearing all the upper trails and all  the way to the Falls Road  on 4&7 and then back on 407. Dave and Doc started from the highway garage and worked towards us. We met them on the trail to the Notch Parking Lot and helped them with a couple of bigger trees. Most all trails are checked. The first section of the trail out of the groomer shed has not and the cross trail between 4&7 and 407 has not. There is a lot of water out there so if and when we get some snow the first time out be very cautious. The wind blew very hard last night so there may be trees down again also. We will be doing the best that we can to get our trails up and running as soon as possible. We will see how much snow we get this weekend, but the ground needs to freeze first . The gate at the Notch is still locked as is the on at the bottom to keep trucks out. If we get snow I will get them open asap. If any one has any questions please call me. If you do it via the computer expect a delay as I do not sit in front of it all day. I do try to check it once a day but I do not always get the time so a phone call is quicker usually. My #s are work 775-3406, cell 779-5228, home 459-3362. I want to thank all of the volunteers for their help again, it does take a lot of time and in some areas this is the third time clearing and we have not even started riding yet! I forgot when we met Dave and Doc late in the day to take a photo, sorry.

John Hogan helping clear trees on the Black Swamp Road on December 13, 2021

John Hogan clearing a small tree.