Trail Relocation

The trail is all done. I debrushed it last Saturday, it was a spur of the moment thing where I had a little time so I could not ask for help. The trail looks really nice and will be a big improvement to what we had.

Sunday Dave was out repairing waterbars on 4&7 on Howe’s and Gagnon’s properties. Bill and I were there checking the trail clearing down trees. We went all the way to the Highway Garage. 

In the afternoon Dad and I did some maintenance on the Tucker. We got it greased and the wheels back on and the tracks tightened, the engine and transmission fluids changed. The drag was greased also. So we are gaining.

Don’t forget that we are having a work day again this Sunday. I posted the info on a previous post. Hope to see you there.

The photo is where the new trail goes straight now. There are more photos on our smug mug page, check them out!