Trail Report

Chuck Loso  was out with me today clearing trees and opening gates and putting up signs. We had several larger tree to clear but luckily I was able to make a couple of cuts and then push them out of the trail. There was pretty good snow up high but it got slimmer down by the Clement shelter. We not go any further than RD 16 on 4&7 and on 407 we stopped at the Gilman Road intersection and went to the Upper Cold River Road. We went on all the upper trails some one way and also one way on the trail to the groomer shed. There is riding if you use caution.

We were busy and I forgot to take photos of the tree damage. We received about 2+ inches of snow while we were out, it was pretty intense at times. We saw a deer out on the upper trail but a phone malfunction did not let me take a photo before it ran away.

All of our gates are open at this time except the Notch Parking Lot Gate.I am going to check that area tonight and will post tomorrow if I open it. I have to make sure that vehicles cannot get out there.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Upper trail at the Shrewsbury Peak end of the Black Swamp Road.

Chuck Loso helping on 1/8/2020. First time out this grooming season. This is late for us!