Trail Report

It looks like we are going to have enough snow to go out with the groomer on Sunday. I have opened all the gates on 4&7 so if you venture out you can go from US Route 4 to the CCC Road. The gate at McLaughlin Falls is open. The 2 inner gates on the trail to the Notch Parking lot are open and when the parking lot gets plowed that gate will get open. The gates on 407 are still closed and the gate at RD 651 the cross trail is closed still. I will post as soon as they get opened. The CCC Road from RD 67 to Route 100 is closed until the Ash trees are cut down as they are being fallen in the road. This we hope will only be a couple of weeks, I will keep you updated. I just talked with Scott Pinkham and he is going out with me on Sunday to try and get all the trails open.

Again please use caution if you go out before the groomer goes out! I am going to mark our trails as open but ride with caution because if I do not you could get a ticket if they say closed.

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