Trail Report April 9, 2017

I was up on the Wheelerville Road checking the intersections and I see no one has used that section recently other than dog walkers. They are snow covered so I did not close any thing. The State has closed the Notch parking lot with out notifying me so I could let you know. We need better communications! They did let me know via email that I saw on Saturday that they closed the gates on the CCC Road also. If that is a problem to any one let me know so we can relay that to them that the season does not end until the 15th. They did receive several inches Friday Night.

In Mendon on April 9, 2017

In Mendon on April 9, 2017

Did any one go out for one last ride? Let us know, it looked nice out there. I took a couple of photos in Mendon this morning.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

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    • Fred St. Onge on April 9, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Please relay to them to reopen the gates before anyone gets hurt and they are held liable until the 15th. They should know better.

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