Trail Report February 10, 2021

Dad was out again today smoothing up our trails. He said it was a good day and for the most part he could keep moving at a good pace. There were a few places that he had to slow right down to fill the holes. He saw a few sleds but not as many as he has been seeing. There were vehicles in all the parking lots so there were people out there but he just did not see them.

When he got back he went to fuel up the Tucker and there was only 17 gallons left in the tank. Good thing they were coming on Friday to put some in. I called them after talking with Dad  and upped the amount to 800 gallons. I do not think the tank gage is working right again.

Thee is more snow coming on Sunday so that will only keep building the base. This year is turning out to be a good year for snowmobiling after a slow start.

Don’t forget about the snowmobile show at the Fair Grounds in Rutland this Friday.  It was a big hit last year! Dave is going down with his Alpine and drag and groom the track for the event.

Ride Safely and Ride Right.