Trail Report February 24, 2021

Dad was out again yesterday grooming up our trails. Cooler temps today will keep the trails nice. He had to tow a vehicle out on 407 yesterday also. The person got out as far as the gravel pit. He hooked on to it and turned it around carefully and towed it back to the end of the Falls Road. That cost the person $200.00 cash. I will have more details after I talk to Dad.

The person that got stuck last weekend down by the concrete bridge on the Notch Road had a wrecker company come and get them out and it cost them $4000.00 dollars, yes I said $4000.00.  It took them 5 hours approximately  to get them out. If he had called us we would have been a lot less and a lot faster! I do not know how much the company charges per hour but it seemed excessive to me.

The temps next week are looking warmer so ride while you can as the season is winding down, not too quickly I hope.

Ride Safely and Ride Right.