Trail Report January 23, 2022

I was out grooming last night. I groomed all the upper trails and 4&7  as far as RD16. Then 407 to the red gate and then RD651 to RD65. The trails need more snow for the groomer. As I would come back on some of the trails and see more rocks showing and the blades kept tripping and I could feel rocks constantly wonder the tracks. I was tightening the right front track and some sleds went by and their skis were clicking rocks all the times they went by. I felt even as I wanted to groom the trails it was not the best thing to do. The trails are slim but all the riders I talked to we still having fun. Hopefully we will get a few inches this week. There was 11 vehicles parked at the Groomer Shed, Dad was packing them in. Here are some photos I took yesterday and there are more in our Smug Mug page under 2021-2022 Grooming, look to see if you are there. If you are and want your names on a caption let me know and I will  do that.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Rick and Kim McKirryher and others at the Stone House January 22, 2022

Riders back to the Groomer Shed after a nice ride yesterday. They said the trails were good for the amout of snow we have.