Trail Report January 29, 2024

Scott with his sled and I took the Tucker out and cleared trees and groomed some of our trails yesterday. The temps were not as favorable as I like but I had to go out because the logger had plowed the road and for the most of the intersections the snow was piled up so I went out and fixed the intersections and  did some grooming. We thought the logger was done but I guess I was wrong, just when we had a few good miles to ride it is gone. The way it is plowed there is no way for a sled to get off the trail, the banks are too steep and there are no pull offs. Some one will have to back up a long way or turn around, I know as two sleds had to turn around when I met them on that section of road yesterday. I did all the upper trails and then over Jockey to the red gate on the North end of the Jeffords State Forest on 407. Then I went to Route 100 and then over to the Old Plymouth Road parking lot. Things are slim but I did what I could we received 2″ of snow in Rutland I hope the got more in the mountains. I saw tracks coming from Wheelerville on Saturday but nothing on Sunday as of the time I was there in early afternoon. As always in these conditions please ride with caution.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!