Trail Report March 13, 2021

I was going to go grooming tonight but after walking on some of our trails and talking with several riders on the trail and with Dad I decided not to. Every rider said the trails were very smooth other than the ski marks and that is what I saw walking. There are some spots that are narrowing at water areas and if we go over them with the Tucker they will break and sleds will have to go thru the water. The improvement does not out way the damage to the trails, Dad and I feel. The riders said that they did not think we could improve them enough to help the trails. One group of two riders said they really did not feel any bad bumps in their travels and they were riding older sleds. The Sheehe group also thought it was better if I did not go out. It seems like the right decision. The Sheehe group also said that they moved a lot of trees and branches from the trail today as they rode. Thank you very much for doing that. We will see what next week brings. I took more photos of the trails but I can not find them on my phone, sorry.

Ride Safely and Ride Right.

These 2 riders were very happy with our trails today.