Car on the Black Swamp Road last night.

I was at the shop doing the Sno-Birds zoom meeting when Dad called and told me that there was a car at the upper end of the Black Swamp Road. Bryan Warner and his girlfriend were out riding and came upon him in his car. Bryan went to Dad’s  where he was parked and asked Dad if we could help. Dad called me and we agreed to help but we needed $500.00 cash to start. Bryan must be a really nice person because he gave Dad the money and said he would get the money back from this person he did not even know. We got him out in about 2 hours. When I told the guy with the car that he went by a sign that said road not maintained in the winter months he replied in Alaska that means to drive careful. Dad told him he was not in Alaska. He also asked that when he gets to the CCC Road he has to turn right? I said yes because the gate is closed and the snow is deep! He also informed me that the only reason he got as far as he did was because he was a very good driver. My opinion is there is some thing missing between the ears. All in all we got him out, no damage to the car, the club made $500.00 and every one is happy. He also told me that he thought that our fee was very reasonable. I do not know what the guy would have done if Bryan had not stepped up to help him. Thank you Bryan for helping a complete stranger and I hope you got your money back.