Trail Report March 14, 2020

Well after the rains and warm temps I do not recommend trying to ride out of the Groomer Shed Parking Lot. Also the gates on the CCC Road are closed on each end, along with the gate at McLaughlin Falls area on 407. The other two on 407 are going to be closed next week by the State people. With the bordering clubs having closed their trails last week leaving no parking to get to the trails we are going to post our trails as closed. This is the first time we have done this. With gates being closed to keep vehicles out it becomes a liability issue for us and VAST, so if we post them as closed and some one does go out and run into a gate or cable we should be ok I hope.  I really did not want to do this but I think it is best. If we do get snow we will have to scramble and get things back open, but I do not see any storm in the forecast!

It was kind of dark when I closed the gate on the CCC Road at US Route 100 on Friday night March 13, 2020