Trail Report March7, 2021

I was out grooming all night again last night. On 407 I turned around just before the gate on the Mendon end, the snow was getting thinner and Dad said that the hill going to the parking lot was getting icy. The tread area was flat so there was no need to chance it. All the other trails were done and from RD650 the intersection of 4&7 and 407  to the Stone House was done 2 times, that is trails 4&7 . Rd 650 going north on 4&7 the snow is getting slim and some ice is showing I only did once so there may be some imperfections, hopefully very minor. Major warm up next week so ride today or early next week as I expect the trail conditions will change . If anyone sees a trail get really bad let me know so I can post it.

I want to thank Mark Quesnel for starting to shovel the Clement Shelter roof, it ended when his shovel broke. He had the majority of it done. On my last pass by last night around 2am I finished it. It only took about an hour, some of that might have been the time of day I was doing it. Thank you again Mark!

Ride Safely and Ride Right.