Trail Work

100_0468We will be working on reseting the second bridge in the Clemint Shelter Road on Sunday Sept. 14,2014. I know that it is short notice but the first bridge was just finished this week and Dave has time to help with his excavator so we are working this Sunday. If any one can help that would be great! The bridge sags in the right corner about 1 foot as you can see so we will try to raise and support it so we can use it this winter.  We want to thank the Town of Shrewsbury for bringing 3 tandom loads or fill for the hole in front of the bridge! We are asking any one that can come, please park in the pulloffs leading up to the bridge if you are not bringing alot of tools as it may get congested, also it is a good idea if you can not back up long distances! We hope to see you there. We will be starting around 7:00 AM but you can come anytme as we will be there a while.100_0467 100_0466 100_0465