Trail Work Report

Last weekend Dave with his excavator repaired the tread area from Dick Howes to Bridge 24 on the Wheelerville Road. Bill and Doc were there and went to the highway garage and then to the hight of land above RD 65 on corridors 4&7 in Shrewsbury checking for problems.

Mark, Mike and I went from RD 651 to the bridge just before the gravel pit debrushing the trail for high overhanging trees and limbs and we patched the hole in the bridge.

All of our trails have been debrushed by machine or by hand or both at this time so we feel that we are in good shape. We also with Dave and Dad have addressed any tread ares and water bars so we feel we have the erosion issues covered as best as possible.

Snow flurries this weekend??? May be!!!

Thank you again for every one who has helped with any aspect of the operation of our Great Club, The Shrewsbury Sno-Birds!