Trail work update and Oct. Meeting

Dave with his excavator relocated part of our trail out of the parking lot so we can climb it with the Tucker. The hill always iced up so we would just spin off the snow, we always came down on it before. This should make it a lot better for the Tucker when the road bares up. We then went all the way out the trail clearing trees and doing more tread work. He went over Jocky , 4&7 heading north repairing wash outs and water bars.  He also repaired a spot on the trail that had sunk after the repair after the Irene Storm, that is where Scott got stuck with his sled last year. Then on the cross trail we cut the big tree that had tipped and made a narrow spot  and Dave remove the stump and widened the area.  Bill helped with part of the project also.

Mike came and I took him around to see some of the work.  He was pleased with how it came out. After that I went up the trail by the Stouts place and debrushed it. I finished just as the rain started. Then I went to the cable by the Bove camp area and installed new cable clamps and put the lock back on. We will see how long this lasts.  Here are a couple of photos of the 2 days.

Meeting reminder that the October Meeting is tomorrow night at the Southside starting at 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there.

Dave working on making a trail around a steep hill.

Repaired area and the bridge cleaned from all the dirt that washed on it.This is on 4&7 just before you start up Jocky.

Cable at the Bove camp area.