View from the Cab – Video

Roy, pulling out cable

Roy, pulling out the winch cable and selecting a tree.

I shortended this video down to a resonable length. It starts out just after Roy completed our first impassable icy hill by winching the Tucker and the nearly 2 ton grooming drag up the hill using trees for anchors. He did this first one in one or two pulls without much help from me. Little did we know what was in store on a hill Roy called Jockey. If you haven’t read his post, here’s a link to it. Anyway with the winch job behind us Roy hit the next hill with a little more speed and made it over which is right where the video starts. You get to see some drifting but there were much bigger ones where Roy used the front blade to cuff off the tops making the drag’s job a little easier. When the video ends, Roy groomed over the same loop in the opposite direction and was happy to smooth out the mess left by winching the hill. As for the other hills we winched, it just wasn’t possible or safe to groom the trail in the opposite direction so we left the icy mess behind which I know bugs Roy, being obsessed with smooth like he is. :)