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New Guest Uploaded Photos

Next to the Stone House Some new photos uploaded with our guest upload link. Check out our new guest upload album with the new photos added to it. You can add your photos to this album too. We apologize to the owner of …

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Remembering Arlyn Phillips Photo Gallery

The Chittenden Dammers are collecting comments about Arlyn Phillips. Use this link to go to their post, Remembering Arlyn Phillips Photo Gallery. If you remember some snowmobiling event involving Arlyn that you’d like to share, there are several ways you can do it. The Dammers have set up a photo gallery featuring Arlyn (there’s a link …

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Now We Have Our Own facebook Page

facebook envelope

facebook envelopePlease spread the word among your facebook friends. Here’s the link to share: Like our facebook page so you will get updates. We plan to have Trail Reports, News and Announcements posted on both …

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Automatic Backup for this Blog

Not the most exciting news, but our WordPress data and files are created and stored only on our server so there is no backup if something should go wrong with the blog. Using an automatic backup plugin, we are making weekly backups to DropBox while we sleep! It is true, computers can be made to …

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More Locations for Saver Card

New locations for purchasing the Saver Card. The first 3 are from the Supporting Merchants list and the last three are Club Members.   Supporting Merchant Saver Card Discount CENTRAL VERMONT MOTORCYCLES 10% OFF PARTS & ACCESSORIES HILLSIDE VEHICLE SERVICE FREE STATE INSPECTION (MUST PASS). LIMIT 1 PER ADDRESS. JOHN C. STEWART & SON, INC. …

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Saver Card Availability

Saver Cards are available to members and non-members alike! So far the Saver Card is available at Arthur’s Auto in Rutland.

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Saver Card Supporting Merchant List

The 2012-2013 List of Supporting Merchants for the Saver Card

This list just in from the Saver Card folks. Many thanks to the merchants for their generosity. Where to buy the Saver Card will be the next post. If someone reading this knows where the cards can be purchased please post in the comments of …

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Our New Saver Card is Here… Almost!

Some fine graphics are ready for the front of our 1012-2013 Savers Card. More details to follow like where to get them and the list of sponsors.

Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Trail Building

This is a Slide Show in movie format that has been uploaded to YouTube. No sound.

Weather Forecast Widget

I added a weather forecast widget to the bottom of the blog for a quick reference when you are planning a ride. While you are reading trail condition reports, you can check the weather in Shrewsbury on the same page. Snow Storm