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Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Trails Now Available on Google Earth

Google Earth Screen Shot

It’s true you can view our EveryTrail map right in your browser but don’t stop there. We have created a color coded trail map especially for Google Earth viewing with placemarks, photos and even showing the closed trails so you won’t plan your trip only to find the trail you wanted to use is closed. …

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Wildlife Gallery

I just wanted to make sure everyone got to see this new gallery in SmugMug. Roy wanted a wildlife gallery so here it is. I hope the photographers will claim their work. Nice work with the trail cam! Is the night shot a fisher cat?

Trek to Track Connector Trail

This was a 10 mile trip on skis and foot to track just the 1 mile of connector trail between the two corridors 4 & 7 and 407 just North of Clement Shelter. Also Thanks to Gary Arthur for noticing that some road tracked in this trip and on the original track from the ride …

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Section 3 GPS Track Fix

This trip ended up being longer than I expected because I skied to the parking lot on the access trail. See the track below. The section of 407 is nearly a straight line so not a lot of change from the straight line that represented the missing GPS info. Marking the junction of the parking …

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March Meeting

Our March meeting is this Tuesday, March 12, 2013. It will be at the Snow Angel on route 4 in Mendon, it is also on corridors 4&7 so if there is any snow left you can ride your snowmobile to it! The meeting starts at 7:00 pm so come and join us! Hope to see …

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Additions and Changes to the Website

Photo Sharing

Thank you to all photo uploaders! You are making our site grow with your photos. Check out the updated Photo Sharing Info page. More in-depth upload instructions and more about what can be done with your photos on SmugMug. If something on the page is unclear or incorrect please contact me with some …

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Traction Bars

Doug Todd from the Dammers stopped by and showed me the traction bars they purchased for their Tucker. They look like they really should work for icy and just other steep climbing issues. This is a new development for traction issues for the rubber track Tuckers. You put 5 on each front track as needed and take them off when …

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GPS Path of Trails Groomed Saturday

Here is a map of the trails groomed yesterday. My GPS worked well most of the time but there are straight lines on the map below that indicate when it did not. Even so it gives you an idea of the trail locations on a map or arial view. Please don’t fool with this little …

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Security Upgrade

Due to recent internet attacks directed at WordPress sites, I have had to stiffen up security. This can have unfortunate effects on regular website viewers. If you experience trouble accessing the site, please drop us an email to the regular “Email Us” link detailing what happened. Thanks, Cliff

Trail Report February 2, 2013?

I drove up to Wheelerville Road and looked at the road crossing areas and they looked better than I expected. They are still snow-covered, flat and very hard. There is a dusting on top this morning. Up by the Route 4 road crossing it looks more bare { less hard snow pack } with a …

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