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February Club Meeting

Just a quick note that our next meeting is this Tuesday, February 13, 2018. As always it is at the Southside Steakhouse in Rutland at 7:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

Trail Report and News

Well they received about 6″ inches of snow from the last storm but from what I see it was fluffy again. More is on the way on Sunday and maybe more on Wednesday! We did order those traction aides that I showed you two posts back so as soon as we receive them and get them on we will be out grooming again. If you ride before we get out do it with caution.

Just a reminder that the Poultney Pancake Breakfast is tomorrow morning. If you want a great breakfast stop over to the Elementary School. We that go always have a nice meal. Cindy and I always go early so we get a chance to visit with their club members. Hope to see you there! read more

Trail Report Update January 16, 2018

Jeremy Surething was out riding yesterday and his comment was that he does not recommend riding at this time. There is a bad ice area on the North side of Jocky just as you start down from the top. Rocks are showing and the water has opened up ditches that you can get a ski caught in and the trails are just so hard and icy in spots.

So use your judgment as to whether you want to ride or not. He is going to send a photo of the ice spot and I will post it later. read more

Trail Report January 10, 2017

Dad was out grooming up the trails yesterday. He took his sister with him. They had a nice day and the trails look really nice. Mike G. was out riding and saw them out there.

Go out and ride before the rain comes.

Ride Safely and Ride Right.

January Club Meeting

Happy New Year!

Our next club meeting is Tuesday, January 9th at 7 PM @ Southside Steakhouse.

Happy trails!


Trail Report Dec. 26, 2017

Sorry I did not post earlier but I was out on Saturday and groomed up every thing except 407 as I had a light issue and it was going to get dark if I groomed that section. Also the snow was slimmer in the lower elevations and the State installed 88 water bars on that trail alone. That will be a slow go! I started at 3:45 am at the groomer shed but day light is not long at this time of year. But don’t worry we fixed the light issue and will be back out this week. It takes more time to do the trip with trees down and the water bars that the State added on our trails, but most of them are filling in pretty good with the snow we have to use. read more

Tucker Update.

The Tucker was fixed today. It did turn out to be what I had found when I tested it out in the woods, the injection pump module was bad so you have to replace the injection pump. We replaced the lift pump also to protect the injection pump. Not a cheep repair at just over $ 4,000.00 . I will see if some of it can be covered under capital repairs.

We are up and ready to go again and hopefully with no more mechanical issues! After seeing it done I believe I could do it myself the next time, but I hope we do not have a next time. The mechanic was a local guy, Todd Potter, some of you might know him. read more

December Meeting

Our meeting at Southside tonight is on. See you at 7 PM.

Meeting Tonight December 19, 2017

I just realized that I had not seen a new post about tonight’s meeting. It is on for tonight at the Southside @ 7:00. Hope to see you there.

Opening Day Trail Report!

Mark Quesnel on our first tracks and grooming Dec. 2017! Thank you for your help and sorry you had to walk out!

All of our upper trails from RD 672 to RD 67 and beyond to WR 80 were groomed with early season conditions to be expected. Then our Tucker quit on the trail between RD 672 and RD 69 that goes directly to the groomer shed. I went back up today and it started back up and it went a little ways and quit again. I had my meters and test equipment and worked on it for 4 hours and every thing I was told to test seemed to test fine but it would not start. I will try to get it closer to the groomer shed but if not we will be looking into getting it repaired asap. read more