End of season trail work.

A pile of burnt pallets with lots of screws and nails!

Dave and Mike S. were out last week picking up the signs in the Wheelerville area. Dad was out locking gates in Shrewsbury and I locked the gates at the Notch area and the North side of the Jeffords State Forest. The State locked the gates on the CCC Road. So we should not have any trucks getting on the trails unless the gates are damaged. When I was at the Notch Parking Lot I saw bags of garbage, a spot where pallets were burned leaving lots of nails and screws in the pile, at least one needle and a pile of brush with a tire under it that some one dumped out. If I had to plow again this year it would not have been good. What is wrong with people? We will have to check again later, as there was still snow banks there, to help clean it up. I am going to call Bill, the road foreman, to see if they will clean it up. I am attaching photos. I walked from the parking lot to the gate at the Jeffords State Forest and there was very little things by the trail and I would have picked up the few things but I did not think to bring a bag.

This type of behavior is disgusting in my opinion!

Bags of garbage at the Notch Parking Lot

A pile of brush with at least one tire under it!

I saw this one and there may be more!