Trail Report March 16, 2022

Well I hate to tell you we have to close our trails due to the snow conditions and the chance of wheeled vehicles getting on our trails. I closed the gates at the Notch Parking lot and McLaughlin Falls on 407. I also closed the gate at US Route 4 and the cables on 4&7 at Bridge 24 on the Wheelerville Road. Dad closed the gate on the Tin Shanty Road also.  If the conditions change we will get them open again, I did hold off as long as I could!

I would much rather be grooming with the moon out than closing the gates in mid March. My  Dad and I have groomed many nights under the full moon and some with shooting stars. Some people do not know what they miss after dark! Lets hope we have a much better season next year,

We have a lot of things to do this off season and Mike Stewart our president  told us at our last club meeting that he wants to have work days every other weekend through the summer and fall. We hope to see you all there! We will post the dates.

You can see why we had to close the trails.

We had to close the trails

Closing the gate at US Route 4 with a full moon.