New Social Sharing Buttons

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 1.13.56 PMI’ve added  new social sharing buttons that stay out-of-the-way. They appear on the left margin of your browser window and stay positioned there even when you scroll the page down. These allow you to easily share a blog post you like with your friends on whatever social media you use. They look like the one in this post. If you are viewing this post on its own page they should be at the left edge of your window too. When you are looking at excerpts like the blog intro, archives  or a search results you won’t see them until you click on just one post to open it.

Subscribers via email, I apologize for multiple copies of the latest posts but it has been necessary to republish some posts to get them to publish to Facebook. Publishing to Facebook appears to be working correctly now so hopefully no more double publishing after this one. Thanks for your patience!