SmugMug Upgrade

Snowmobile with skis in the air

Woo Hoo! Awesome new SmugMug Website

SmugMug has upgraded their photo sharing site. The photos are bigger and use more of your screen. Try widening out your browser window to as wide as it will go. Nice improvement, right? Navigating the site is mostly the same. You should feel right at home going through the galleries. You can still leave comments  on photos and of course you can still upload your photos. I created a link button on the homepage that will open the uploader.

Leave your comments on this post as to whether you like the new SmugMug or not. We can change to configuration somewhat so make a suggestion.

SmugMug screenshot

The new SmugMug homepage.

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  1. It even looks great on my iPhone. Anyone have an iPad? How does it look there?

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