Will we have snow for opening day?

I am planing to go out with the Tucker on Monday the 13th to check the trails and clean up the trees that will be down. That is depending on the rain again on Saturday. I would go out on Sunday but VAST will not pay mileage because it is still hunting season. If some one wants to come and help let me know, there may be a lot of work so be prepared for a long day. I am only taking the Tucker with no drag to make it easier to push trees when needed. Also where possible I will go over the trails one way. If any one has any other ideas let me know or if you know there are no trees down on a section we might not need to travel that section. I did plow the Notch Parking Lot last Saturday because i thought it might freeze solid. It looks warm most of next week which is not good for us.

Our next meeting is next Tuesday the 14th. It will be at Southside Steakhouse as usual starting at 7:00pm. Hope to see you there!