Snow Totals

It looks like we all received around 1″ of snow, I measured in Wheelerville and talked with Mom and that is what she said they had up there. At this time I decided not to go out grooming as I do not think that it will do much good. It might also break open some of the snow bridges that we built. Last I knew the trails were still pretty smooth, but if any one goes out and thinks I should smooth up some thing let me know. Tonight will be one of the last nights to do anything for a while as the temps are going back up the first of the week into the 50’s. I don’t see any good snow in the forecast either. You will have to use some caution because with the fresh snow you won’t see any obstacles that are starting to show up especially in the lower areas.

Remember our next meeting is this Tuesday at the Southside Steakhouse starting at 7:00pm. We hope to see you there.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!