Trail Report April 1, 2018

I was up on the Wheelerville Road checking out the snow conditions. I saw that people are still riding. The snow still did not look too bad, it is mostly still covered from what people have told me. I could not close the gate at the Notch Road Parking Lot because there were three trucks with trailers still using it, which is great! Up at the groomer shed area I talked with some riders who said the trails were still quite nice even with all the rain we received. There were no water bars open at that time so looking at the forecast you may still be able to ride in the higher elevations even next weekend.

Dad and I figured out finally what was wrong with the the lack of fuel coming out of the nozzle on the big tank. It turned out to be a bad filter. Where it took 2 hours to put in 50+ gallons it now takes about 5 minutes! We had tried two of the same filters and a new nozzle. We then tried a totally different filter. And that fixed it.

If any one is out riding let us know how it is please!

Ride Safely and Ride Right!


M. Falls area.

Barry Bradley gate on the Wheelerville Road. 4&7

Notch Road Parking Lot lot

Notch Road Parking Lot lot

Bridge 24 area on 4&7

Bridge 24 area on 4&7


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    • Barry Alger on April 1, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    whent riding sunday at old plymouth it was great thanks for doing such a great job grooming

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