Trail Report April 6, 2015

I just saw a post that said that there are atvs on our trails again this spring. They messed up 407 up to the shelter! I was going to go grooming but the trails were holding up good and so we did not at this time want to mess them up. I guess I should have gone out as I could have tried to clean up the mess! Too late now I am thinking with the weather that is coming! I am trying to get in touch with the game warden to get some patrolling maybe the police aux. also. If any one can get some info on the people let us know. We had this issue last year also! There is still riding up high and you can still get out of the groomer shed parking lot, the lot is bare but the trail still has snow.

Ride Safely and ride right!


    • G.M. Arthur on April 6, 2015 at 10:54 am

    We all know we are getting very little law enforcement on our trails. I know how to catch these criminals, whey can’t law officers see this? We work hard grooming these trails and then they ruin them. GMA

  1. Every year this occurs, how can this be stopped?

  2. I hear you. Really need these scofflaws caught and have them lose their toys.

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