Trail Report January 19,2020

I was out walking on some of our trails this morning and found 4 to 5 inches of total snow depth from all the storms left on our trails. These were trails in the Mendon area. There is some ice under the snow especially in the flat areas out of the Notch Road Parking Lot. The hill seemed to be ok. There had been a rider or two out as I saw the tracks by the Highway Garage. The skis were hitting the ground in spots. If you do go out use caution. The Dammers say the same thing.

Here are a couple of photos I took today. There are a few more on our Smug Mug page.

The dark spots are where the skis hit the ground. This was at the intersection of 4&7 and the trail to Flannels.

I was happy to see the water spots on the new trail to Flannels were frozen today.