Trail Report February 3, 2020

Dad and I were out on Saturday grooming and looking for a truck on our trails somewhere. We found it in the late afternoon. It is still there and I will get more into it in a later post. On Sunday Dad and I went and picked up the drag and groomed all of the trails except to the Notch Parking lot. I do not want trucks going out that. We did see sled tracks headed that way, though. It is really thin in a lot of areas but it did get better up high. Some water bars are still open but we filled as much as we could with the snow conditions. We saw sleds both days and they were riding all the way to US Route 4. Some trailered from Arlington because they heard we had snow and they were happy that they came! More snow coming later in the week I hope. I hope to get the truck out before then. If you go out ride with caution.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

4&7 in Wheelerville Feb. 2, 2020

4&7 Wheelerville Feb. 2, 2020 not much snow yet! First time out this far this year!