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Google Features Mobile Version

Google’s listing of our site now advertises that we have a mobile version thus encouraging folks viewing with a mobile device to view our site over one that hasn’t yet made a mobile version. This means not only is our site easier to view on smart phones but it is easier to find as well. …

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2015 Spring Construction Seminar – VT Vast

It was a little hard to find this VAST page because if you jump to the News page it isn’t there. It is near the bottom of the home page or use this link: 2015 Spring Construction Seminar – VT Vast.

Last Day of Riding Photos by Douglas

Final Day of Season Photos

Riding was good to the end in Shrewsbury Sno-Birds’ high country. Several more photos taken on April 15th were submitted by Douglas. Be sure to read the comments Douglas has entered for his photos in SmugMug by clicking the cartoon balloon symbol to get the whole story. Douglas has uploaded enough photos so …

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ATV Tracks on 407

  Roy has already reported this damage in the last trail report. For those who haven’t see it on Facebook, here are the photos posted by Douglas. They link to the “Vehicles on Sno-Birds Trails” gallery where we collect images of these violations. Quoting Douglas from what he wrote on Facebook about these photos follows. Came across …

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Blog Posts Send Via Email – Test

I seem to have fixed the problem with the emailed posts not being sent out. Those who have subscribed may have received an old post via email. Check the date so you don’t get confused! I seem to have triggered the sending feature and the site started sending old posts in a queue before I …

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Cookout Photo

Special thanks to Douglas for sharing his photos on SmugMug, especially the one of the cookout. If anyone else has some shots of the cookout, please share them with us.

Snow Depth Map gets an upgrade

The National Weather Service has upgraded their Snow Depth Map to now include 12 different snow depth related maps so our Snow Depth Map link now takes you to their new page where you choose which map to view. The map we are used to is the second down on the left column but check out …

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Sno-Birds Groomer in New Hampshire?

I found this on VAST’s Facebook page labeled as Stratford, New Hampshire. It looks like Roy and the name on the door pretty much confirms it but why Stratford? Maybe someone can clear this up. In any event, I just wanted to share this shot with you in case you missed it on Facebook.

Using the Photo Uploader with Your Smart Phone

Mobile Version

The mobile vision of our website has been active for a while now and I haven’t heard any complaints.You’ll have to view it with a smart phone to see it. Tablets are big enough to view the regular site. This may be news to some but is not the big news. The big …

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Sno-Birds on Twitter

I just signed us up for a Twitter account. If you use twitter, please follow us and you’ll have links to our blog posts on twitter. Here is the link: It seems fortunate that such a short handle as SnoBirds was waiting for us to grab up! You’ll see the new photo of Roy …

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