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Thanks to Our Neighbor to the North

In this post from the Chittenden Dammers, SnowBirds trail grooming gets a “best groomed” mark along with Barnard.

Photos Please!

Hopefully you are done operating one of these and have been out on the trails on your sled. Thus far we have no proof to show anyone has been using the trails this year. Please post your photos to our SmugMug site so we will have something to show for what is turning our to …

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Website Statistics for 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 5.06.50 PM 1   WordPress presents our statistics this year again with fireworks. See the very cool graphics and the numbers for our site. As you would expect, …

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Fish and Game Parking Lots

According to this post by the Chittenden Dammers, Fish and Game plans to enforce banning non-fishing related vehicles from their parking lots. This effectively closes the Chittenden Dam parking lot to snowmobilers. Apparently this has been an unenforced policy Fish and Game now intends to enforce. Though there are no Fish and Game parking lots …

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Map Update for the Upper Cold River Road Parking Feed Trail

Skiing the Sno-Birds Upgraded East Access Trail at EveryTrail   IMG_0078I tracked the newly renovated feed trail that provides access to the Upper Cold River Road VAST Parking Lot. The new GPS data …

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Google Earth Trail Map Update

Google Earth Map Legend

You may remember the Google Earth Network Link I created last season. It is still working so all you have to do is launch the Google Earth program on your computer and it will automatically update with the latest changes in the trail map I’ve made. Two trails are no longer closed which is updated …

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Photo Test #2

Copying and Sharing a Link from SmugMug

  This business of sharing SmugMug photos is something anyone can do. You don’t have to be logged into SmugMug to see the Share options! You can share photos via email, text or blog. There are also options to share to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Embedding …

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SmugMug Upgrade

SmugMug has upgraded their photo sharing site. The photos are bigger and use more of your screen. Try widening out your browser window to as wide as it will go. Nice improvement, right? Navigating the site is mostly the same. You should feel right at home going through the galleries. You can still leave comments …

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New Social Sharing Buttons

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 1.13.56 PMI’ve added  new social sharing buttons that stay out-of-the-way. They appear on the left margin of your browser window and stay positioned there even when you scroll the page down. These allow you to easily share a blog post you …

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Subscribers Restored

wordpress-logoThanks to a helpful engineer at WordPress, our subscribers have been restored. My previous post can be ignored about re-subscribing to the “subscribe via email” feature in our blog. Roy, your posts will again be broadcast to the 19 subscribers’ inboxes. Originally this post …

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