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Troubles Posting to Facebook

It recently came to my attention that our blog posts were not making it to our Facebook page. I think I’ve solved it. This one should post to Facebook if all goes well. Apologies to our Facebook followers. If you notice something like this not working in the future, please let me know so I …

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Photos Found on Facebook

I’m happy to share these photos I found on our Facebook page. I’ve made copies for our SmugMug page. Roy mentioned that he was so busy during the cleanup of the December storm he wasn’t able to take any photos. Sam and Edward, who helped with the cleanup did take at least two! Great shots! …

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Forecast for Snow

According to this weather forecast we are in for some serious snow fall next week. This is a screen shot image so click to see the enlargement and the glorious details! Screenshot 2015-01-24 16.40.10

A Nice April Shot of 4 Sleds at the Stone House

4 Sleds and the Stone House   An anonymous person uploaded this great shot of the Stone House to our SmugMug site. We ask the photographer to use the comments under the photo to add some details to describe the photo. It looks like the end of …

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New Method of Sending Blog Subscriptions

[wysija_form id=”1″] Soon we will make this form available on our site where you can subscribe to our blog posts via email. We have provided this service for a couple years but thanks to employing a new email service it can be expanded to also sending newsletters to those who sign up for them. We will let …

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Photos of Steering Pin repair

You may remember Roy’s post about Gary having to use a socket in place of a broken steering pin to return with the groomer and then replacing the pin before the groomer could go out again. He posted the photos to smug mug so you can see the parts he was talking about. Click the photo above to …

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2013/2014 Website Stats

Website Traffic 2014

This graph shows website traffic in weeks from before the season until now. Website traffic seems to vary with the snow depth! The biggest web traffic week was the end of December where there was lots of anticipation and people checking trail reports. The snow got pretty thin in January with rain and web traffic dropped …

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Great Shots from the End of the Season

Some nice end of season shots of this classic sled were submitted using our Upload Link. Clicking the photo will take you to the Guest Uploads gallery. Thanks to the photographer and please add your comments so we know who you are and what went on that day. It looks like it was a best …

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One Hundred Facebook Likes!

100 Likes! A big thank you to Mike Desjardins for being the 100th person to like our Facebook page! Thank you to everyone else who has liked our page as well! Also while visiting Mike’s Facebook page I found the video: Two Arctic Cat’s crashing very hard into each other and have included it below. Be sure to …

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Website Popularity Continues to Increase

Screenshot 2014-03-24 16.34.13Screenshot 2014-03-24 16.42.34 These tables show hits per month for the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds website as of today, March 24th. Though this month may not be as high as last year, the month isn’t …

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