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Trail Report February 21, 2024

John went out yesterday and groomed some of the trails yesterday. On 4&7 north he went to RD16 and 407 north to the red gate. 4&7 south to 100 and the old Plymouth Road parking lot. He also did all the upper trails. I went out last night and went to 103. We are doing …

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Trail Report February 19, 2024

I went back out yesterday and went north on 4&7 as far I could and turned around a little before RD650 in the old log landing. This is the first place that has room enough. I filled in the bad water crossing with dead wood and snow on top. I hope it holds up. I …

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Trail Report February 18, 2024

Scott and I were out last night grooming to 100 and 103 and the Old Plymouth Road parking lot and also all of our upper trails. There were a few inches of fresh snow, that was nice. There were alot of tracks and vehicles in the groomer shed parking lot also. There are some slim …

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Trail Report February 16, 2024

John went out and groomed as much as he could before running out of snow. On 4&7 North he went almost to RD650. On 407 North he went to the red gate. He did all the upper trails and to route 100 and to the Old Plymouth Road Parking lot. The higher elevation trails are …

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February Meeting

Our meeting is this Tuesday the 13th at the Southside Steakhouse starting at 7:00pm.  Hope to see you there!

Trail Report February 7, 2024

John and Scott were out grooming the trails that have enough snow to do so. On 4&7 they went to RD65 then across to RD 651 on 407 then back to all of the upper trails, also to Route 100 and then to the Old Plymouth Road Parking lot. I then went out last night …

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A late night trails report February 2, 2024

I just got done grooming and clearing trees on our trails. All trails except 407 north of the red gate were groomed at least one way. 4&7 in the Mendon area is really slim on snow but people are riding them. I have never groomed as much dirty snow as I have this year. I …

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Trail Report February 2, 2024

I was out last night and groomed to Route 103 and then went over the upper trail as I was told there was a tree down blocking the trail, there was actually 2 different trees in different spots. I cleared them but every one needs to be cautious as with the amount of ice and …

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Trail Report January 31, 2024

John was out again grooming our upper trails and 4 to Route 100 and 7 south to the Old Plymouth Road and then to the parking lot, He also did 4&7 as far as RD 16 and then 407 North to the red gate on Jeffords State Forest. Things are still pretty slim beyond those …

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Trail Report January 29, 2024

Scott with his sled and I took the Tucker out and cleared trees and groomed some of our trails yesterday. The temps were not as favorable as I like but I had to go out because the logger had plowed the road and for the most of the intersections the snow was piled up so …

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