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Trail Report January 27, 2024?

Our trails are still open and I have received info that there has been a lot of riders out even in the very soft conditions. On the CCC Road the logger has plowed the road again and it is ugly from what I heard. Be very careful  entering and exiting the road. I really do …

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Trail Report January 24, 2024

John was out grooming as much of our trails as possible. The trails towards Mendon are just to thin to be able to groom but the higher trails back into Shrewsbury are much better. All trails are rideable  but some areas are too thin to move snow. He also did the total CCC Road, and …

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Trail Report January 21, 2024

John and Chuck Loso were out grooming some for our trailed on Friday.  John did a very nice job I might add. Scott Ryan on his sled and I went out with the Tucker and removed a leaning tree. Scott cut it and when I got there we winched it down and pushed it out …

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Trail Work Saturday January 20, 2024

I am planning on cutting at least one of the three trees that is hung up in another because it makes it very close to the Tucker and if we get more snow we wont get through. I am going to have to use the winch to get it down. There will be a period …

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Trail Update January 17, 2024

I just opened the gate at the Notch Parking Lot with the new snow. There is 6 to 7 inches of fresh snow but it was bare ground on Sunday. Members want it open but ride with caution. If it stays cold every thing will get better!

Trail Report January 15, 2024

John and I were out 12 hours grooming and removing trees yesterday, We went over all trails except RD 65 to RD 651.  There was no snow at the Notch Parking Lot but when you get up around RD 650 there is better snow. When you get in the higher elevations it gets better also. …

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Trail Report January 12, 2024

Scott Ryan and I were out yesterday clearing trees and packing trails and opening some more gates. There is pretty good snow up high. We had charging issues with the Tucker so we only did the upper trails. I repaired the alternator and then found a bad ground cable between the 2 batteries so I …

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January 9 meeting relocation!

Tonight’s meeting has been moved to Dave Fucci’s house because Southside is closed do to the weather. It starts at 7:00pm. We will have some pizza there. Drive carefully if you do come, we do want everyone safe! Roy

Happy New Year!

I want to wish every one a Happy New Year! There is not much snow on the ground and not much in the forecast  either. I hope things turn around and we get some cooler temps and then some snow to ride on! Our next meeting is on January 9th at 7:00pm as usual it …

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Meeting Reminder

Our December meeting is this Tuesday the 12th at the Southside Steakhouse on Main Street in Rutland. It starts at 7pm. Come and see what the club has been up to. A reminder to get your early bird TMA before December 15th the savings is big. Hope to see you at the meeting!