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Trail Work


We will be working on reseting the second bridge in the Clemint Shelter Road on Sunday Sept. 14,2014. I know that it is short notice but the first bridge was just finished this week and Dave has time to help with his excavator so we are working this Sunday. If any one can help that would be great! ...  read more

Trail Report Dec, 30, 2013

Dad and I went out on Sunday the 29th and installed the wooden signs at the intersections. It was a very slow go as there was not much snow at all, thankfully we have rubber tracks! Then just after we got back it started to rain and then it turned to snow. I have gotten reports of 5 to 9 inches on ...  read more

December 18, 2013 Trail Report

Sorry this is a day late but yesterday was very hectic! Dad and I went out packing all of our trails on Monday. The snow up high is good but very slim down low in places, so ride very cautiously! We saw Dave and Chris out and they helped with some down trees on the Upper Trail, thank you to them. ...  read more