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Trail work reminder October 11, 2020

Some of our members were not getting these posts, Cliff our web guy I think fixed it so I am reminding every one that we are working on the trail out of the groomer shed parking lot { the Arthur’s House on the Upper Cold River Road }. We will be starting at 8:00 am. …

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Trail Work Sunday October 11, 2020

We did work last Sunday. Dave and Doc Came up from 407 and finished up the 4 + days of work Dave did with his brush head on his excavator. There were some small things that needed to be cut by hand. Mike S. ,Mark, and Adrian helped me on the trails out of the …

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Trail Work Sunday October 4, 2020

I want to thank Cliff Dutton our web guy for helping me get things fixed so I can post again! Any way we are planning to work on the two trails going out of the Stone House on Sunday. We will be starting at 8:00 am. Dad has done all of the debrushing that he …

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Trail Work 1-4-2020

Scott Ryan was out with his side by side this morning clearing trees. He did trails between his house all the way to the Notch parking lot. He said there was not much snow and it was raining at the time. Thank you Scott for your help for the Sno-Birds! I went over to Route …

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Trail Work

Dave and Scott were out putting up the signs on the trails on Route 4 and the Wheelerville area. They also cut a down tree on 407 in the M. Falls area. Thank you for all your help!

Trail work and News October 31, 2019

Last week and weekend we were out cutting blow downs after the wind storm. We had every thing open but here come another storm with high winds! We will have to see how bad this one is. I want to thank every one that was out there doing the work. We now have the TMAS …

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Trail work update and Oct. Meeting

Dave with his excavator relocated part of our trail out of the parking lot so we can climb it with the Tucker. The hill always iced up so we would just spin off the snow, we always came down on it before. This should make it a lot better for the Tucker when the road …

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Trail work update.

We were up installing runners on the Gagnon Bridge this morning. As usual I posted that we would start @ 8:00 am but knowing Dave I got to the gate at 7:15 am and was unlocking the gate and Dave  pulls up and Mike and Bill are right behind him. Mike said we were working …

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Trail work day this Sunday update.

We will be installing the runners on the Gagnon Bridge in Wheelerville. We will meet at the City Gate at 8:00 AM.  If you do not know where that is give me a call at 775-3406. It is not too far from the  US Route 4 end and I will have a yellow VAST arrow …

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Trail Work To Open The Trails for 2018

We are starting to clear the trails on Saturday Dec. 8, 2018 to clear our trails. I need positive commitments for that day and every day  there after to ride with me to get the trails open. Some have asked if they can use their sleds, I do not have an answer other than if …

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