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Trail Work Sunday Oct 2, 2016

We will be doing some debrushing of the trails around the Stone House this Sunday. We will meet at the Stone House at 8:00 am . I hope to see you there! If you have any questions please call me @ 775-3406 or 779-5228. Roy

May 15, 2016

I was out getting lot of our signs out of the woods today before the CCC Road gets opened up. It was a cold and damp day.We have several of the wooden signs that need replacing and also a lot of the VAST signs are faded really bad. We will need to replace these before the …

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Trail Report January 21, 2016

Scott Ryan was out this weekend clearing trees and checking the trails. Thank you again for all your help! Dad and I went out yesterday and cleared all the big trees and opened all the gates and packed all the trails. It was a very slow go it took 16 hours but they are open …

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Trail Work December 20, 2015

I know that every one has a lot to do at this time of the year but if any one has a 4 wheeler and has some time it would be great if they could go on some of the trails and clear any downed trees.  Dave with his excavator and Mike Stewart and Scott Ballard went …

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Cross Trail Update

I walked the trail last week with Lisa. For the most part she was OK with it as long as we keep an eye on it and if it starts to show signs of erosion we need to fix it. The key to it is to keep the waterbars clean before fail. The part that …

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Trail Work October 25, 2015

I do not think that we need to have a work session this Sunday. I was looking at the map and all of the trails have been looked at. Also it looks like it will be raining in the morning. If anyone knows of something that needs to be done please let me know and …

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Trail Report for October 18, 2015

Yesterdays work session had 4 members present. It was Dave with excavator, Dad, Mark, and myself. We got the big overhanging tree down on 4&7 just north of RD16 and debrushed that section up past RD65. Dave went out and was prepping the cross trail between RD65 and RD651 for Rick Hubbard as he is …

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Trail Work October 18, 2015

This Sunday we will be starting from RD16, the 407 and 4&7 intersection just below the Clement Shelter. We will be debrushing the sides of the trail and getting a big tree down that is leaning over our trail. It has been cut with a cutter bar but there are areas that trees are leaning over the …

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Cross Trail from 407 to 4&7 – RD 651 to RD 65

Lisa and I walked the trail today to look a the way it was left after the logging last winter. It was ok if you are not using it as a snowmobile trail. She said that we can mellow it but not to change the amount of water bars. I told her that if Rick …

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Meeting and Trail Work Update October 13, 2015

We had 4 members help with the debrushing of the trails out of the groomer shed, RD69 to RD672. We were done in about 4 hours and every thing looks good there. The members that were there were Mike, Mark, Dad and I. Dad and I then went out corridors 4&7 to look at the …

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