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Rainy day trail work.

We had a work day today to debrush and clear trees on the two trails out of the Stone House. It only took 2 1/2 hours so that was not too bad in the rain. It is a little over 2 miles of trails. The dedicated workers were from left to right, Mike Stewart, Barry …

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Girl Scout Camp Trail Relocation

The Rutland City Forrest section is done now. Rick and Fred Hubbard and Dave Fucci did the excavation and Bill Lohsen and myself with Dave seeded and  put hay down on the trail. When the state part is done with Rick McKirryher we will go back and do the final debrushing and signing. The trail is a major improvement …

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Trail Work October 7, 2018

We will be meeting at the Stone House at 8 AM and will be debrushing the two trails out of the stone house. If any one has an ATV or UTV that would be handy to carry some gear. I have not got the engine in Dads Polaris Ranger yet so that is not useable …

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Decking is Complete

We finished the project today. Dave, Doc,, Scott R., Bill and his …

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Water bars on 407

Rick Mckirryher was hired to install water bars on our trail 407.When I left at noon on Monday he had installed 24 water bars  and he was not to the good road yet. He was making great progress though. John from the State said there were, I think, another 64 to go by the time …

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Ray’s Photos

I have had at least one comment that people cannot see the photos in the recent post,  Ray Duquette’s 2017 Bridge Photos. I just tried it and from my end I see them fine. If any one is having problems please contact me.

Attaching Bridge Timbers to I-Beams

I was wondering about how or if the bridge planks were attached to the I-beams and while browsing through another set of photos Roy has posted to SmugMug I found the answer in this photo. You have to zoom in a bit but you can see the screws and washers holding the planks down to …

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Ray Duquette’s 2017 Bridge Photos

 Ray along with working with us building this bridge took a lot of photos to show that these bridges do not just appear out of space. A lot of work preparing and designing and building these structures has to be done to make it work so the …

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Bridge Update

We installed the side bunkers this morning. The bridge looks really nice. Today we had Dave, Ray, Mike, Gary helping. Thank you guys for  all your help. I forgot to mention the people who were helping even though it was raining off and on yesterday, I know my coat was quite wet at noon and …

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I Beam Bridge Update

We were up installing the 8″ oak decking on the I Beams this morning. It rained some but we got the job done. We also installed the outside runners. The problem is that the battery-powered units could not keep up with the pace. We finished with Mike Stewart’s Honda Generator and corded drills. Tomorrow morning …

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