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Attaching Bridge Timbers to I-Beams

Screws and washers attachment

I was wondering about how or if the bridge planks were attached to the I-beams and while browsing through another set of photos Roy has posted to SmugMug I found the answer in this photo. You have to zoom in a bit but you can see the screws and washers holding the planks down to the I-beams.

Click the photo to see it on our SmugMug site and while you are there you can check out the rest of the photos in this second gallery on the bridge building project. read more

Ray Duquette’s 2017 Bridge Photos

Ray along with working with us building this bridge took a lot of photos to show that these bridges do not just appear out of space. A lot of work preparing and designing and building these structures has to be done to make it work so the riders have a trail to ride on. The people who dedicated their time this last weekend were all 50 years old or older to Ray in his 70s and my Dad at 85,  we like what we do but if our younger members want trails to ride we need your help. read more

Bridge Update

We installed the side bunkers this morning. The bridge looks really nice. Today we had Dave, Ray, Mike, Gary helping. Thank you guys for  all your help.

I forgot to mention the people who were helping even though it was raining off and on yesterday, I know my coat was quite wet at noon and the ground was muddy. The day before the dust was in the air. The dedicated help was Dave, Ray, Gary, Scott  Ballard , Angello Tedesco and Mike Stewart. I think Dave and Angello worked on the design of the bridge. It went just perfectly read more

I Beam Bridge Update

We were up installing the 8″ oak decking on the I Beams this morning. It rained some but we got the job done. We also installed the outside runners. The problem is that the battery-powered units could not keep up with the pace. We finished with Mike Stewart’s Honda Generator and corded drills. Tomorrow morning we will install the 6X6 bunkers on the outside. We will be starting at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. It will not take long so we do not need to start at daylight like the last 2 mornings. If any one wants to help with the end of this project please come. read more

I Beam Bridge Update

I told you I would try to let you know how things went today. It went very well. The abutments and I beams are in and the cross braces are welded on and Rick and Fred have them all back filled, so we are in good shape to put the decking on tomorrow. Hope to see you there to help! Here are some more photos I took today. There are not too many as I was quite busy.

I want to thank Dave Fucci, Scott Ballard, Ray Duquette, Rick and Fred Hubbard and my Dad, Gary Arthur . With out all their help we would not be as far along as we are! Dave had every thing designed just perfect, so it went together with no glitches. He is a perfectionist! Thank you again every one! read more

Bridge building update

Dave and Rick Hubbard roughed in the areas for the concrete abutments. Hopefully we will have the concrete and I beams set tomorrow so we can work on the tread area on Saturday. If you are going to help on Saturday, if you are coming in from US Route 4 on the Wheelerville Road go 3 tenths of a mile past Bridge # 14 and there is a gate on the right. Go up that road and stay straight do not take the left turn. There is a clearing at the top of the hill to park at. Please close the gate behind you so we do not get others driving up in and possibly going to the left on our trail and having issues. It is going to be a good day to get this project done. read more

Bridge Building September 30 – 31, 2017

Just an up date that we will be installing the I Beam bridge this Saturday and Sunday if needed. The weather is going to be great for working. We will be starting at 8:00 am. Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about this project or how you can help please contact me @ 775-3406 or 779-5228 these numbers are quicker as I do not have time to sit by the computer and check my email instantly. But if you prefer the email thing I do check late in the day and I will reply. Thank you. read more

Bridge Building

We will be building a 50+ foot steel I beam bridge starting on Saturday September 30th and October 1st. We will be looking for people to help. Please let me know if you can help and also let me know that you received this post as some of you have said you were not receiving them. The bridge is off the Wheelerville Road in Mendon. I will get you more info later, I just wanted to get you thinking about this project before you made other plans. Dave Fucci has already been putting in a lot  time in this project. The I beams came from Pittsfield and Gagnon Lumber is furnishing the decking. Rick and Fred Hubbard are doing the major excavating and removing the old bridge. Dave will have his equipment there also. Mark your calendars to help with this project. read more

Sign Painting

Stone House Agreement

Hi, is there any one that would like to pick up this sign and paint the wording on the fresh one sitting behind it? I’m not really good at it, as you can see I did it the last time years ago. Let me know please.


Trail Work Report

Last weekend Dave with his excavator repaired the tread area from Dick Howes to Bridge 24 on the Wheelerville Road. Bill and Doc were there and went to the highway garage and then to the hight of land above RD 65 on corridors 4&7 in Shrewsbury checking for problems.

Mark, Mike and I went from RD 651 to the bridge just before the gravel pit debrushing the trail for high overhanging trees and limbs and we patched the hole in the bridge. read more